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Google appreciate RWD

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New printed portfolio

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Our new website

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Xmas viral

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UX - valuable gesture

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UX for employee

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Little big branding

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Making of an infographic

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Xmas viral

making of | 2.02.2015

Our new website

We want to show you right from the start that Joy is a place where good designs are being made with attention to even the finest details. Each time we strive for our projects to be comprehensive and to achieve previously set goals.

Design process of every product is a fascinating journey, that's why we want to show you how we work, what can we do for you and how can we inspire positive change. We try to show each case as a series of logical steps - nothing here is random or pointless. Our blog on the other hand will not only have information about what's happenign to us or the newest trends but also about the economic side of the design. From the very beginning we're going to treat you as our partner with whom we want to shate our knowledge and experience.