About us

Who we are?

We are a creative agency build by young, inspiring people. Each of us have a unique trait adding value to the rest of the team. We're positive, honest, brave and determined to give our best and create only the most exceptional projects.

New challenges motivate us to act and constantly look for new and improved solutions. We're deeply engaged and passionate about our work. That's why while working with us you can always expect to be a couple steps ahead of the competition while reaching your goals and setting new trends.

What we do

We create complex solutions and give you the tools to achieve your goals. We combine aesthetics with effectivity.

We build interactions with brands in a way that makes them intuitive, unforgetable and effective. We design User Experience.


Tomek Chołast



He's passionate about new technologies and the possibilities that they offer. Always on the lookout for newer, better and cheaper solutions. If that fails he creates them on his own. If not in reality then at least as a concept.

Michał Palma

managing partner

on the road

Has an advanced skill of seeing potential in the surrounding world and on the Internet. He claims that his age is also advanced. He's always inspiried by new people in his life.


Creative Director


She likes Star Wars, but would hoover all the dirty stardust. But she tolerate the nibbled apple and an excess of ideas, which realizes with the power of a superhero!


pr manager


He likes books - not only reading them but also the design part. He hasn't written any yet. On the web and in real life he hunts projects which could teach him something and make him say something more than just "Oh look, pretty!"


accounting and finances


She approaches each task with passion and an idea of what the final effect should be - that's why she always finds a soution, no matter the difficulty. She always says that "you have to let yourself to have a free mind". She's amazed by the grandeur of the world.

Our values

Engagement and partnership

Best designs are born through collaboration, that's why we treat each client as our partner. We talk, we listem, we answer to your needs. We bet on a simple and honest communication.

We believe that transparency of our actions will allow for building trust which in turn is a key to a succesful business relationship. That is why we always give 100%! Only thanks to full engagement we're able to inspire.