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National Forum of Music

Story full of emotions

NFM is not only the building where concerts take place but it is a space full of emotion, where each musician, instrument and the listener are the protagonist of the beautiful stories taking place in a unique area of ​​the National Forum of Music.

The process start from the last step - we were asking for the design a few print elements. NFM possessed only logo that we decided to convince decision-makers to create a whole system of visual identification in order to make sense for future change and development. We are glad that we did it because as you can see the same logo is just the tip of the iceberg and the potential emerge from the complexity system.

Calm outside.

Full of emotions inside.


One of the key thing and at the same time the most inspiring was to find a way to express the emotions that music evokes. Therefore, we turn sound into color. Thanks to that our design get a new dimension, literally.

During numerous interviews, director of NFM often mention that the concert is like a story, this point of view has inspired the entire hierarchy of visual identification. Each of the frames in the correct color is a separate chapter of the story - the concert - which is consistently applied to all media. The inspiration for writing tittles on line in frames comes from musical notation.

Symphony Exclusive Education Choir


There is materials such as business cards, letters, envelopes, etc. NFM regularly organize a variety of musical events, festivals and concerts. Therefore, we designed an open system based on the theme of the frame - which help us create hierarchy of information.

Some of them are given to the special guests and partners because of it we designed everything with care for the smallest detail. Graphic design has gained another dimension by the selection of paper with great texture and appropiate printing methods.

Frame unifies identification and builds hierarchy

Matte paper, rough screen printing and smooth UV coating


Dedicated invitations with golden print

Elegant case for tickets


Frame colors define their function

Images aren't croped by frames

Special cards for melomans

Between the listeners, and the musicians arise a unique relationship, which is worth care. Because of it we designed Meloman’s Cards that offers a range of facilities for real music lovers.

To appreciate the most important NFM partners we also created a

The unique platinum meloman's card has a matte cover with lacquered details



Website as a prologue to each concert